Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena Antwerp

Our travel partners for Reverze will offer you official tickets and transfer in the country you'll be leaving from.

Do you have a private bus?
Do you have a private bus and are you planning to attend Reverze? Please send us an email for further information.

Organising a bus trip?
If you would like to organise a private bus trip to Reverze, please let us know! We have interesting conditions on tickets. Please contact us for more info.

All persons who have purchased a ticket for this event, will be able to travel for free within Antwerp with "De Lijn" - this includes all travel with public busses "De Lijn" and metro/trams.

Plan your trip by checking this overview or get yourself updated at

The best airport to fly to is Brussels Airport (Zaventem) or Brussels South Airport (Charleroi).

From there you take the train to the central station of Antwerp. Then take the subway to “station Sport", when you surface, you'll be at the main entrance of Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena.

- Website of Brussels Airport (Zaventem):
- Website of Brussels South Airport (Charleroi):
- Public transport in Antwerp City via:
- Timetable for the Belgian railways:

Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena
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